Red clouds for the inauguration of the exhibition “Il viaggio meraviglioso-tra scienza e filosofia” that envelop the environment called Cosmo inside the MUSE of Trento, curated by Arch. Silvio De Ponte.

Our Cangiante Bronze, through games of red lights, immerses the visitor in a truly evocative setting, in a journey through time in search of his own knowledge and awareness.

From the symbolism of myth and logos to the origins of philosophy, to the enchantment of faith, to the harmony of humanism up to the birth of modern science and the cosmos with the great contemporary questions about space and time.

A wonderful journey about our knowledge, which from the extraordinary mythical narratives that tell the meaning of life and death, of the divine and of the human, reaches us, in our times.

From today, November 19th 2021, it is possible to set out towards one’s own rediscovery accompanied by a visual story, including words, images, music, lights, voices, suggestive installations.