TTM Rossi, a name stamped across the pages of history since 1959

For three generations, the Rossi family has presented its own production, a refined expression of Made in Italy, preciously cured in every detail.

With 19 years of experience in the field of wire mesh, Oliviero Rossi started his business activity in Villa Guardia near Como in 1959 and since 1980 he has also worked with the collaboration of his sons Gian Andrea and Roberta, the current owners of the company.

The increasingly numerous requests of professionist and customers prompt the company to start a process of expansion and modernization; path that begins at the turn of the ’80s and’ 90s.

TTM Rossi thus abandoned the craft workshop in the heart of the village of Villa Guardia and moved to the newly established industrial area.

The change of location corresponds to a renewal of the machinery fleet to cope with the increase in orders and to optimize production with ever-increasing quality items.

The founder’s commitment and passion were also transmitted to the third generation. Guido and Silvia, with the entry into the company in 2004, proudly represent competence and enthusiasm for the continuity between past and future.

In 2015, the third expansion is completed which today brings TTM Rossi to cover a total area of ​​7500 square meters, including offices, production department and warehouse. A long tradition based on tenacity and talent.

Our strategy

Technology, innovation and design for the environment and human respect


To maintain sensitivity to the quality of the services and to assist the clients in all activities, always with the aim of protecting the environment through sustainable development, with the use of environmentally friendly raw materials that are indefinitely recyclable without losing their physical and mechanical properties.


To continuously strive for improvement through the constant expansion of products offered, the study and development of technical solutions with the goal of achieving the most advanced and innovative answers to every design challenge, while always maintaining the highest level of quality.


Passion, courtesy, professionalism, availability and prompt response to requests, are the values ​​that the company sets daily as a main objective for customer satisfaction.


The need to ensure the highest level of Made in Italy quality proposed, led T.T.M. Rossi to obtain the certification: UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate N.3235/7 a quality management system, focus on monitoring and optimizing the company processes.