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Possibility to customize the production according to the required textures


  • Soffici

  • Elegant

  • Linear

  • Cangianti

  • Spigate

  • Armate

  • Geometrica


  • Metal Veneer

  • Metal Plexy

  • Metal Luxury

  • Metal Glaxy

  • Metal Emotion

di aggancio

  • CU – 2B

  • TON

  • P-SQ 35

  • L-SQ 35

  • SH – 50

  • RAS 50

  • G-SQ 35

Last projects

  • Corte Kalister

  • Terrazza Mirador

  • Studio Garde

  • Lampade Issarch


The metal meshes MetalDesign by TTM Rossi combine stylish elegance,
refinement of materials and chromatic intensity.

When choosing a metallic mesh, the most appreciated feature is modularity. In fact, the ability to create some furniture that
perfectly meets individual needs and the available space is a plus.

The large compositional and aesthetic possibilities are ensured by the variety of materials used: stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminium, weaved alone or together.

The possible combinations of types, styles, materials, colors, allow you to
choose from a wide range of solutions.

The competent and qualified staff of TTM Rossi, pays great attention to the
design and customization of your ideas.

Some types of wire mesh can be sewn, wrinkled, folded, welded, stapled, inserted in fixing systems that complete and make complex projects possible.

Through the Exclusive finished product range, TTM Rossi offers not only metal mesh but solutions, combining its know-how with a high level workmanship.