Metal mesh for interiors and wooden support are combined to create Metal Veneer, aesthetically innovative surfaces of exceptional strength, obtained through artisanal plating procedures on solid wood panels.

A distinctive element in the world of contract and furniture-design that guarantees flexibility of use, preserving the tactile experience of metal textures

Possible Applications

Metal Veneer product can be used to realized:

  • Panels
  • Furnishing
  • Ceiling
  • Retail
  • Exhibitors


For a good cleaning , use air jet and a dry cloth in soft material (felt of cotton).

DO NOT use water or detergents.


Metal Veneer product can be used with these metal mesh:

  • Cangiante
  • Dune Oro
  • Fiamma
  • Juta
  • Mini River A304
  • Mini River BR
  • P. Diamante AL
  • P. Diamante BR
  • Spiga

Do you need metal mesh for industrial use?

  • rete metallica TTM Rossi applicata su legno

    Metal Veneer – tela metallica su legno

  • wire mesh applied on wood panel

    Stand Vismara – Pannelli in rete metallica applicata su legno

  • tela metallica per complementi d'arredo

    wire mehs applied on wood to realized furnishing

  • Pannelli in tela metallica allo stand Vismara Design al Salone del mobile