Emphasis on Design, Shape to Ideas

Scopri tutti le tele metalliche per architettura e design della gamma MetalDesign

The Architecture area offers a wide range of finished products with high aestethic and technological quality, characterized by easy technical management, supply and installation, and always delivered by a staff dedicated to service and support.

Solutions of high technological efficiency and high design freedom to solve technical problems, emphasizing the architectural identity of each project. Fire Retardant Products, 100% recycled and recyclable, a true concept of eco-friendly design.

scopri tutte le nostre tele e reti metalliche per l'industriaAlways placing primary emphasis on the technological research and experimentation of new solutions, TTM produces, sells and exports from 1959 metal meshes, ets and welded mesh with metal wire or ropes in stainless steel, special alloys, galvanized, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, iron, titanium and synthetic wire.

The qualified staff, dedicated to the highest caliber of quality industrial products, is always ready to answer with efficiency, speed and skill to any standard or special request, following the customer through every stage of the negotiation.