Sometimes annoying, some irritating, for some even dangerous and deadly. But, at the same time, of vital importance. Bees pollinate about 70% of the plant species on Earth, guaranteeing the production of about 35% of global food. The protection of these insects, their life path as well as their daily hard work, is essential so much that the day dedicated to them is celebrated today. TTM Rossi makes its contribution by providing the metal meshes necessary for the filtration of honey. How? After the extraction, the honey is not immediately ready for sale as it contains fragments of wax, honeycomb wood, air incorporated by previous processes. Filtration is one of the processes that helps to eliminate these superfluous presences through networks of decreasing filter sizes that limit the clogging of the holes. The honey will be clean, filtered and a brilliant golden yellow. The Made In Italy metal mesh produced by TTM Rossi can be customized according to the required need, identifying the correct diameter of the wire and the desired mesh width. Soon the new website will show the valid alternatives for each type of project. Stay Tuned!