World Oceans Day is celebrated every year on June the 8th starting in 1992 when, during the Rio de Janeiro Environment Summit, it was decided to establish this anniversary with the aim of underlining the importance of developing and promoting new strategies for protecting and safeguarding these precious environments.

Specifically, this year’s theme is The Ocean: Life & Livelihoods: life and tools of subsistence as well as survival in order to guarantee a future for marine flora and fauna.

The 70% of the earth’s surface is occupied by water and remembering the countless species of living beings that populate it is an almost impossible undertaking. Unfortunately, the World Union for Conservation of Nature says that about eight tons of plastic are thrown into the sea each year, which makes up 80% of all marine debris, from surface waters to sediments in the seabed. The resulting impact is significant and catastrophic, disposal costly and interminable.

Definitely do not wasting water, using organic and natural detergents and sunscreens, do not throwing plastic into the sea or on the beach are just some basic examples of small daily gestures that would help improve the quality of life and what surrounds us.

In addition to this, the recycling of plastics plays a crucial role among the activities of environmental prevention, not only marine. TTM Rossi actively contributes to protection by internally producing the FC_MeltFilterBand filter belt, a special high mechanical strength wire mesh used inside extruders for the generation of recovered plastic. A small component of inestimable value within a broader process of absolute necessity and importance.

The product is protected by an international patent, guarantees quality and reliability as well as the possibility of a rapid and constant supply thanks to H24 production.

Available in different types (FC, Spigata, Plane) and filtrations (from 40 to 2000µm) in order to meet every need.

Contact us for more information and more details regarding FC_MeltFilterBand and the precious environment of plastics recycling!

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