Giornata Mondiale dell'Ambiente

Today, Sunday 5 June 2022, the International Day dedicated to the Environment is celebrated, established in 1972 by the ONU General Assembly with the aim of raising public awareness on environmental problems, favoring the attention and action of Governments.

This year Stockholm is hosting the World Environment Day and the chosen theme is OnlyOneEarth, the same as the 1972 Conference to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of that event and to reiterate the need to live in harmony with nature as resources are limited and must be safeguarded.

The metal meshes produced by TTM Rossi contribute to these objectives. An example is the wide range of filters reserved for the industrial sector and, especially, for those for particulate matter. In fact, fine particles are an intangible and invisible but devastating pollutant: if constantly inhaled they cause accumulations in the respiratory system with even fatal consequences.

Adopting wire mesh filters capable of limiting these problems may not be a complete and definitive solution, but it would certainly be a beginning to limit fine dust in the air, thus improving our lifestyle.

Contact us for more information and more details about the countless possibilities of filtration!

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