Thanks to the exclusive FC_MeltFilterBand product, TTM Rossi offers its contribution to the recycling of plastic material while remaining in line with the EU environmental protection objectives.

The European Union has in fact always been committed to protecting the environment by fighting for the recycling of plastic materials. According to data from PlasticsEurope, waste disposal increased by 5% from 2014 to 2016, but only 31% was recycled; 41.6% was dedicated to energy recovery and the remaining 27.3% ended up in landfills. These figures represent a great achievement: for the first time in Europe, more waste is recycled than that taken to landfills.

Rossi plastic recycling

TTM Rossi contributes to this environmental protection thanks to its FC_MeltFilterBand product. It is a special high mechanical strength wire mesh used inside extruders for the generation of recovered plastic.

Patented product of the highest quality, FC guarantees:

  • A reduction in the energy consumption of the plastic recycling process for currently recycled products.
  • A significant increase in the amount of recycled plastics, better chance of filtering heavily contaminated plastics.
  • Significant increase in the amount of recycled material. This thanks to the reduction of downtime due to filter breakage and due to the issues related to pressure and temperature resistance.
Rossi recycling

The goal set by the EU is to achieve 100% recycling of plastic material by 2030. We at TTM Rossi, by proposing our filter belt, are trying in every way to contribute to the realization of this project.

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