Coverings for facades of residential or business buildings are required to make energy development and to shade windows, allowing people inside to see outside without having restricted view.
The game of lights created gives the rooms behind a endearing atmosphere that is constantly changing during the course of the day.

As projecting shading system, metal mesh constitutes a functional and at the same time a decorative element of a building and offers a virtually unlimited durability.

The sunscreen panels in metal mesh can be installed as stationary structures or mobile structures (motorized or manually sliding panels).
Some types of wire mesh can also be used to realize sunscreen roller with mechanical or electrical handling.

The main characteristics of wire mesh Architecture used as sunscreen are:

  • Possibility to be installed on new or existing buildings;
  • Function of partial screen to sunlight;
  • Reduction of the thermic load inside the building.

Do you need metal mesh for industrial use?

sunscreen metal mesh / tela metallica frangisole
sunscreen metal mesh / tela metallica frangisole
frangisole in tela metallica / sunscreen metal mesh
sunscreen metal mesh / tela metallica frangisole