An eccentric showroom in the heart of Milan, which includes all products, accessories and furnishings for me most known designer of Italy.
An ideal place to expose the metallic mesh of metal design line, in particular the product Punta Diamante in mixed version stainless steel + bronze, give the local understated elegance, highlighting the other objects in the room.
The metal panels were sewn and applied by the skilled hands of the upholsterer Santambrogio, who easily managed to turn a 100% metal mesh in a curtain with a light and soft aspect.

Additional information

Location: Milan
Total material: 50 mq
Architect: Santambrogio Imbottiti
Installer: AB Costruzioni in Ferro
Download Technical Data: Download Sheet

Applications and products

Application: Panels
Used product: Punta Diamante
Alternative products:  Dune Oro