Liner Copper wire mesh installed at the Sheraton Malpensa Hotel in Milan was chosen as the integration of the restaurant.

To realize luxury furnishing and gave a cold and hospitable atmosphere to the space, has been chosed this kind of metal mesh that with a magical play of reflections illuminates the entire dining room.

With the crumpling, the metal mesh retains its peculiar three-dimensionality and, thanks to this technique, it is possible to emphasize the iridescent reflections of this fantastic wire mesh

Additional Information

Location:  Milan
Download Technical Data: Download Sheet
Video Realization : Click Here

Application and Products

Application: Furnishing
Product Used: Liner Copper
Other usable products: Dune Oro , Cangiante

metal mesh in copper used to realized furnishinf for Sheraton Malpensa Hotel restaurant
Per un design innovativo è stato scelto di usare il tessuto metallico Liner rame allo sheraton malpensa hotel di milano
TTM Rossi metal mesh can be used for architecture and design - product made in italy
Tessuto metallico in fili di rame per la realizzazione del bancone dell' hotel sheraton malpensa di milano