Thanks to their high degree of formal and expressive freedom, the metallic fabrics applied to the multi-faceted world of retail, allow the creation of installations with high visual impact. Metal sculptures that play a leading role in every place and suggest solutions that drive volumes and dilate surfaces.
The metallic fabrics can be widely used for retail design as back panels for windows, vertical covering for racks, covers for retail props and totems, hanging panels, fixed or sliding partitions, ceilings.
Thanks to the application of wire cloth, each place assume the importance of a stage and goods on display become relevant, thanks to the ability of the metal fabric to reflect the artificial lights that hit him, assuming different shades from time to time, becoming an integral part of a scene that can transform the spaces and change the prospects.
When you choose a metal mesh for use in public environments of large surface area, the most appreciated feature is the modularity. In fact the possibility to create scenarios and furnishings that exactly meets the needs of individual taste and available space is a plus unparalleled.

Do you need metal mesh for industrial use?

Le tele metalliche sono utilizzate per retail
Le tele metalliche sono utilizzate per retail / wire mesh for retail
Le tele metalliche sono utilizzate per retail
I tessuti metallici usati per il retail / wmetal mesh for retail