The product Fiamma is a metal mesh ductile, brilliant, totally fireproof, because made of stainless steel, which lends itself to the creation of decorative ceilings for installation in public and private places.
The mesh used in the perfumery LaGriffe was firstly crumpled and then fixed to the ceiling by wires. The final effect is extremely scenic and conjures the image of a soft cloud embellished with metallic reflections and glare.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Location: Torino
Quantity: 10 mq
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Prodotti ed applicazioni

Application: Retail
Product Used: Fiamma
Usable Products: Cangiante, Dune Oro

metal mesh ceiling

Tessuto Metallico Fiamma

Tessuto Metallico Fiamma

controsoffitti realizzati in tela metallica