Wall sculptures that play a role in any environment, and suggest solutions that drive volume and dilate the surfaces ….
These are the effects that are obtained using the metal mesh as partition wall, thanks to their brightness and transparency, it is possible to separate areas, glimpse of the overall size of the same room.
Acoustically neutral and, if desired, which extends from floor to ceiling, they become almost invisibile yet effective separators or discretionaty.
The possibility of choosing different textures and materials, allows the creation of partition panels that can be joined to any existing environment, from the high tech to the naive one.

Some tips on application to use metal mesh as separators panels:

Inserting the same mesh in a stainless steel frame + counter frame, you can obtain rigid and bi-facial panels, easily anchored to the floor and ceiling.
The same frame can be applied to the wall by a system of “hinges” that enables movement.
This is the best solution to use all products in the Interior and Architecture range, without any problem of tension and side protection.
This type of attachment also allows the realization of panels movable thanks to the application of two pedestals which allow the structure to be self-supporting

Hook top and bottom
If you choose a soft product form the Interior line on which it is possible to sew the side edges, it can be applied only with a plate and an “L” profile fixed on the upper and lower sides and then you must fix it on the ceiling and floor to obtain a tensioned panel.
Depending on the type of metal mesh choice, coupling systems may be different and designed to project.

It can create a separator panel with a draping effect, anchoring the canvas only at the top with flat or “L” profiles and then falling to the floor the remaining tissue. If necessary, the lower part of the panel can be weighted down with two stainless steel plates

Do you need metal mesh for industrial use?

panels realized with metal mesh / pannelli realizzati con tela metallica
pannelli in tela metallica / wire mesh panels
metal mesh panels / pannelli in rete metallica
Pannelli realizzati con tessuti metallici