The wire mesh Tex Light, studied in order to exalt spaces, creates an alternative visual atmosphere, stimulating and anti conventional, with ethereal and decisive colours that give life to dreamy and elegant atmospheres. With a light rubbing, you will have a three-dimensional effect and a great spectacular effect. The choice of this wire mesh born from the possibility of creating shade curtains, the malleability of Tex Light easily to be sew and with a great honor: CLASS O, guarantee of a safe and suitable product for public application.

Additional Information

Location: Barcelona
Total Material: 200 mq
Architect: Finsa Arquitectura
Download Technical Data: Download Sheet

Products and applications

Application: Curtains
Used products: Tex Light
Alternative products: Fiamma, M&M A304

Metal mesh curtains / tende in tela metallica

tende in tela metallica Nuba

Con le tele metalliche TTM rossi si pososno realizzare splendidi tendaggi che renderanno più lussuosi i vostri ambienti