The new seat of Carboncini was born in Lomazzo, where the production and offices area are connected with a window passage that allows you to monitor the entry and exit of vehicles.

To improve the protection from direct sunlight on the windows, the Arch Castelletti chose to cover the entire front with R&R metal mesh, thanks to which the structure now has:

– low solar energy storage in the baffle
– high ratio s/v (surface over colume of the solar shield)
– low solar direct and total trasmittance
– 100% recyclable product

Additional information

Location: Lomazzo
Total material: 200 mq
Architect: Marco Castelletti
Installer: Impresa Carboncini
Download Technical Data: Download Sheet

Applications and products

Applications: Suncreen
Used product: R&R 70×3
Alternative products: Nemo, River