Juta is one of the special metal mesh of TTM Rossi’s Metal Design range and this is one of the reasons why the well-known Natuzzi brand has chosen it to create beautiful panels that act as a frame for the luxurious sofas.
This wire mesh arises from the interweaving of stainless steel and natural Jute wires that determine the width of the panel. The mesh is soft, flexible in the transverse direction, while in the longitudinal direction the steel threads give it rigidity and determine its length.
The irregularity of Juta woven with metal gives simplicity, harmony and elegance, all features clearly visible in this realization.

Additional Information

Location: Milan – IT
Download Technical Data: Download Scheda

Products and Applications

Application: Panels
Product Used:  Juta
Other Products Usable: Dune Oro, Punta Diamante BR