The exclusive Metal Glaxy product of the MetalDesign range is obtained through a special glass layer process of metal mesh.

This technique gives the wire mesh a greater depth, emphasizes the brightness and is able to guarantee the color constancy of the yarns over time.

The metal mesh, with their different textures and materials, are coupled with glass sheet proposed in numerous finishes (transparent, satin, colored) and allow to obtain the maximum customization of the final product.

Possible Applications

Metal Glaxy product can be used to realized:

  • Panels
  • Furnishing
  • Parapets
  • Facades
  • Exhibition


For a good cleaning , use a soft cloth and glass-specific products.

DO NOT use alkaline detergents or containing abrasives or solvents.
DO NOT use too hot or cold water and avoid high pressure steam for prolonged periods of time.


Metal Glaxy product can be used with these metal mesh:

  • Cangiante
  • Dune Oro
  • Fiamma
  • Juta
  • Liner
  • Lizard
  • M&M A304
  • M&M RIO
  • Mini River A304
  • Mini River BR
  • Punta Diamante AL
  • Punta Diamante BR
  • Tex Light A304
  • Tex Light BR

Do you need metal mesh for industrial use?

  • metal mesh laminated with glass

    Metal Glaxy – Tela metallica stratificata nel vetro

  • Metal mesh laminated in glass
  • tessuti metallici per facciate - metal mesh laminated

    Torre Orizzontale – Facciata realizzata con tela metallica stratificata nel vetro

  • Lualdi porte - panels with wire mesh liminated in glass