The name is Stardust, the first revolutionary product that Mario Bellini signs for Meritalia. This project is dealing with a new family of bright furniture – pillows, pouff, chaise longue, armchairs, sofas – A project that goes against the general trend and is in constant evolution, based on the use of substances and materials that are alien to the traditional world of padded furniture. The “air ravioli” deriving from the packaging sector, the lightweight of M&M stainless steel wire mesh are technical materials with high performance, which never cease to amaze and impress with their practical and appealing results. The choice of the metal mesh is given by the need to have a technical, sophisticated, yet flexible and lightweight material.

Additional Information

Total material: 600 mq
Architect: Mario Bellini
Installer: Meritalia
Download Technical Data: Download Sheet

Products and applications

Application: Furnishing
Product used: M&M
Alternative products: Seta Inox, Stella