Brass wires that intertwine in a play of lights and reflections, here is the characterizing element of M&M Ottone, one of the metal mesh proposed by TTM Rossi in the Metal Design range dedicated to architecture and design.

Maison d’Or is a restaurant in Brescia that has not only revolutionized the oriental cuisine giving it a touch of modernity, but also distinguishes itself from similar premises for the elegant and refined design of its rooms. Thanks to this wire mesh it was possible to create a particular and spectacular ceiling ables to give tone and sophistication to the entire restaurant. MetalDesign products allow the creation of curvilinear shapes, which are difficult to execute with traditional materials and, at the same time, make it possible to mask service systems.

M&M Ottone metal mesh has also been used here for the realization of cylindrical chandeliers that, thanks to the light of the bulbs arranged inside them, make the room bright and elegant.

Additional Information

Location:  Brescia – Italy

Application and Products

Application: Ceiling
Product Used:  Dune Oro
Other usable products: Tex Light  , Fiamma, M&M RIO, 

Controsoffitto realizzato in maglia metallica ottonata, un vero e proprio tocco di design nel ristorante maison d'or
A celing realized with TTM Rossi brass and copper metal mesh
maison d'or choses dune oro metal mesh for architecture and design to realized special lamps