To realize its glass doors, Lualdi spa has chosen to use our exclusive product: Metal Glaxy.

It’s a product composed by two glass panels with metal mesh in the middle, sandwiched together with a plastic film.

In this specific project for their stand at Salone del Mobile in Milan, Lualdi has chosen Punta Diamante Br wire mesh. This paricular metal mesh is composed by bronze wires and, for its wonderful tints, it can give to all the environment brightness and sumptuousness; a game of infinite reflections where the design like a spearhead enhances the aesthetic performance

Additional Information

Location:  Milan – IT
Download Technical Data: Download Sheet

Application and Products

Application: Glass laminated , Exhibition
Product Used: Punta Diamante BR
Other products usable: Punta Diamante AL , M&M RIO

lualdi spa doors: when wire mesh and glass are together architecture and design become amazing
architecture and design with TTM Rossi wire mesh laminated in glass
metal mesh laminated to realize Metal Glaxy , the exclusive TTM Rossi product or architecture and design