With the Architecture wire mesh it is possible to realize original outdoor coverings: sturdy and durable metal gazebo, that shield the sun’s rays and at the same time allow to enjoy the outdoor environment.
Modern covers, which adorns gardens and terraces, enriching them with an innovative and refined design.

The wire mesh Architecture, applied to cover gazebo in metal or wood, perform the dual function of aesthetic coverings and sunscreen mesh and are distinguished by the almost unlimited durability, even in extreme climatic conditions.

Depending on the mode of application of wire mesh to the frame of the gazebo, you can achieve different aesthetic results. Tensioning the metal fabric on the upper perimeter of the gazebo or fixing smaller size panels to frames, you will get the effect of a flat and linear roof; softly fixing the tissue with bars placed on the top of the gazebo will reach the elegant result of a waved surface.

The main characteristics of metallic fabrics Architecture, used as gazebo covering are:

  • Function of partial screen to sunlight;
  • Maintenance-free, thanks to self-cleaning due to the natural cycles of rain and wind;
  • Unlimited durability and complete recyclability.

Do you need metal mesh for industrial use?

tessitura tele metalliche como realizza gazebo
tessitura tele metalliche como realizza gazebo
gezebo realizzato con rete metallica TTM Rossi