FC : special Woven Wire Mesh with High Mechanical Strength  used inside the extruders for the plastic recycling.
The fabric is manufactured in continuous screen-belt wire mesh, with specific and customize micron, characterized by very high mechanical resistance is in both directions.
The screen changer ensures to get precision and reproducibility in fractions of a millimeter of the filtrant hole. In this way the useful passage surface will be higher than fabric currently used as filter and the opening are dimensionally uniform and stable, resulting in a high capacity to filter solids.

By using the FC melt filter band can be obtained:

– A reduction in energy consumption of the recycling process of plastics for products currently recycled.

– A significant increase in the amount of recycled plastic, also heavily contaminated plastics can be processed.

– Significant increase of the amount of recycled material thanks to the reduction of downtime for breakage of the filter and thanks to issues related to different working temperature too.


  • FC screen-belt has the following advantages :
  • improvement up to 110% of the longitudinal tensile strength of the metallic woven screen-belt than the best current materials
  • increase in the number of holes in the metallic woven for each cm2 , up to 28% resulting in a greater amount of material filtered per unit time
  • 30% increase possibility of the plastic melt pressure on the filter resulting in a significant improvement of the ratio energy consumed/quantity of filtered material
  • reduction in the size of pollution particles that are retained by the filter
  • smoother surface of the wire and consequent significant reduction of friction during the crossing of the melt through the filter

Suggested applications

Plastic Recycling

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