A new building, completely renewed both outside and inside a modern line made by Studio Ciocca that couldn’t renounce having a wire mesh in it. The choice of the type of R&R 70×3 has been dictated by the search for a product that could combine aesthetics and safety characteristics. Easy to be installed within stainless steel frames, which were then fixed to the facade by the company Binetti. This has masked the main entrance of the building, going to realize also the front door, always composed of stainless steel support with the metal mesh welded inside.

Additional information

Location: Melide, Switzerland
Total material: 250 mq
Architect: Binetti SA
Installer: Studio Ciocca
Technical Sheet: Download Sheet

Applications and products

Applications: Frangisole
Used product: R&R 70×3
Alternative products: River, Nemo