The wire mesh used as elevator cab covering solve the problem of the functional and aesthetic coating of structures that are often alien to the building that they serve.

The wire mesh Architecture “dress up” like a second skin the internal and external surfaces of stairs and elevator cab, giving great originality and innovation mark to the structure of public or private buildings.

The main features of innovative wire mesh Architecture, used as coatings for elevator cab, are:

  • Function of partial screen to sunlight;
  • Partial protection from rain and wind;
  • Possibility to be installed on new or existing buildings;
  • If applied outdoor, maintenance-free, thanks to self-cleaning due to the natural cycles of rain and wind;
  • Unlimited service life and complete recyclability.

As functional and decorative element, metallic mesh can cover any constructive geometry, in fact panels can be installed in different ways.
When installed in plane rectangular or shaped panels, vertically tensioned by cables, metal mesh lend itself to coat planar surfaces, while if applied in curved panels, it is able to follow the sinuous geometry of curved stairs and elevator cabs.

Do you need metal mesh for industrial use?

Le reti metalliche TTM Rossi sono state utilizzate per il blocco scale presente negli uffici nike / wire mesh for parapets in Nike office
tela metallica a protezione di una scala esterna / wire mesh for parapets
Le tele metalliche TTM Rossi sono utilizzate per la realizzazione di blocchi per scale e ascensori / parapets metal mesh
la tela metallica utilizzata come blocco ascensore a Lugano / wire meshes for parapets and elevator cab