TTM Rossi metal mesh can be used with both aesthetic and practical function; an example of this is given by the famous Eataly shop, located in Trieste.
Color, brightness and elegance are at the base of the scenic effect given by the sumptuous Tex Brass used for outdoor windows.

The metal mesh has been laminated in glass and this allowed the panels to assume a function of the sunscreen and ensured not only the overall beauty of the complex, but also the thermal insulation of the structure, protecting it from the heat and the cold.

The numerous and luminous reflections are given by the characteristics of wire mesh which makes the building luxurious and elegant. Don’t underestimate even the choice of a golden metal mesh, made up of natural brass wires, whose warm and brilliant color goes against the coldest blue of the sea, not far from there.

If the façades of Eataly structure show the functional appearance of TTM Rossi metal mesh, their interior use can only charm designers and decor lovers.
Always by means of the glass lamination, refined dividing panels have been created for ristò areas. They appear to be real decorating elements that play a protagonist role in the environment and suggest solutions that can move volumes and dilate the surfaces.
Thanks to our soft M&M RIO metal mesh, made with a copper, stainless steel and brass, the luxurious bi-facial panels allow the guest to enjoy a luxurious feel.

Eataly Trieste, a blend of flavors and metal canvases inspired by the innovative design and architecture of Made in Italy.

Additional Information

Location: Trieste – IT
Quantity: 1200 mq
Download Technical Data: Download Sheet

Application and Products

Application: Glass laminated
Product Used:  Tex Brass, M&M Rio
Usable Products: Dune Oro, Cangiante

Facciata di Eataly Trieste con tela metallica
Tela stratificata nel vetro / metal mesh laminated
Tela metallica TTM Rossi in ottone / Metal mesh in brass
Stratifica nel vetro con rete metallica / wire mesh glass laminated
Brass wire mesh / tessuto metallico in ottone