The incredible lightness and flexibility of some metal mesh, such as M&M, Seta Inox, Tex light, make possible the creation of interior curtains.
Other products such as Nemo, R&R 14x1with their rigorous structure, made malleable by the ropes weaved inside, are the ideal solution to achieve roller blinds for exterior.

The magic of the metal fabric is the ability to reflect the lights that hit him and, together, to make her own assuming different shades time to time.
The metal, a precious material valued for its many virtues such as strength and shine, it is hygienic, elegant and fire proof.

The possibility of choose differente textures and materials, allows the creation of curtains that can be joined to any existing environment, from high tech to the naive one.
The softer wire mesh of the Metal Design line for interior can be sewn as a simple curtain, only difference is that they are cut to live edges, for this reason we recommend a lateral protection, obtained by folding in on itself twice 1 cm of tissue or where possible by sewing a hem.

The wire mesh used as curtains are designed to give the best results in terms of visual and thermal comfort with attention to design.
We are able to provide the finished product, through cooperation established for years with upholsterers professionals able to guarantee product safety and with a hight quality.

Curtains Types

Internal sliding panels
Using a track system, you can create panel curtains, sewing on top of a piece of velcro and entering at the bottom a weight which helps the fabric to maintain a linearity.

Some types such as Seta Inox, Stella, M&M are suitable to be applied as curtains fall. Applying a stick or a stainless steel rope above the windows and making eyelet on the fabric, the same can easily slide in the support to be moved sideways if needed.
It may use all standard solutions applicable to the tissues, without having to change existing ones.

Roller shutter
The only products guaranteed to be blind are Nemo and the whole line of R&R.
Their composition with rope, allows a perfect wrapping tissue located outside the windows and ensure: durability, sun protection, protection against vandalism.
Depending on the chosen type, we can study the most suitable rolling system, relying on expert companies with whom we have established a ten-year collaboration

Do you need metal mesh for industrial use?

Tessuti metallici usati per tendeggi / wire mesh curtain
Tessuti metallici usati per tendeggi / wire mesh curtain
Tessuti metallici usati per tendeggi / wire mesh curtain