One of the symbols of Rome and one of the favorite destinations for tourists visiting the city, the Colosseum is the largest amphitheater of the world. This monument is constantly subject to conservation and improvement works. For this reason our wire mesh R&R has been requested to create elegant panels. In this way it is ensured maximum safety, but without spoiling the appearance of this incredible monument.
R&R 70×3 has as warped ends a series of 3 cables distanced between themselves, whereas as weft are weaved rods with a fixed and constant distance.
Due to its structure is a product easy to apply,  becoming a viable option for the realization of new projects or for the improvement of existing facades.

Additional Information

Location: Rome- IT
Quantity: 500 mq
Download Technical Data: Download Sheet

Application and Products

Application: Parapets
Product Used: R&R
Usable Products: R&R 25×4, Flexy TR, Crimpy 

La TTM Rossi ha partecipato alla realizzazione di splendidi pannelli in rete metallica / Wire mesh panels Colosseum
Dettaglio dell'applicazione della rete metallica alle fornici del Colosseo di Roma / Application wire mesh detail
Pannelli in rete metallica applicati alle fornici del Colosseo di Roma
Details TTM Rossi metal mesh application / Dettagli dell'applicazione della tela metallica TTM Rossi
Pannello in tela metallica per il Colosseo di Roma / metal mesh panels
Pannelli in rete metallica realizzati dalla TTM Rossi e applicati alle fornici del famoso Colosseo di Roma