Metal Mesh, design and brightness these are the characteristics of Telecom Italia Nuvol@, the particular interactive sculpture designed by Studio Azzurro with a waterfull images realized on Cloud Computing concept.

This multimedia opera permit, with just one gesture, to change the images and the cloud realized with TTM Rossi metal mesh that stand above it , give to all the space a scenographic effect appropriate to an important brand like Telecom Italia.

Lights, colors and innovation, a mix of Cangiante and Tex Light A304 characteristics.
The first one, thanks to its mixed of stainless steel and enamelled copper yarn, guarantees the change of color shades.

The second one is studied in order to exalt spaces, creates an alternative visual atmosphere, stimulating and anti-conventional, with ethereal and decisive colours that give life to dreamy and elegant atmospheres.

Additional Information

Location: Villepinte – Paris
Fiumicino – Rome
Telecom Italia – Milan
Download Technical Data: Download Sheet

Application and Products

Application: Ceiling , Exhibition
Product Used: Cangiante , Tex Light A 304
Other products usable: Tex Light BR , M&M RIO

nuvola design ceiling with wire mesh
metal mesh for design ceiling
tela metallica TTM Rossi come controsoffitto di design