“Aquae Calidae” is located in the heart of the bustling and modern city of Milan.
The relaxation given by water and specific treatment is not the only feature of the SPA, in one of the rooms you can enjoy a backdrop of drapes metal mesh made with M&M Rio, that recall the banners of the Romans.
A mesh woven with metallic wire of copper, steel and brass, malleable and flame retardant, ideal for creating curtains, easily to sew and installed in any environment, modern or vintage, linear or curvilinear.
Acquae Calidae is a place that invites citizens to live a different city, finding innovative products combined with a range of wellness unique in the world.

Additional information

Location: Milan
Total Material: 100 mq
Installer: Buratti
Download Technical Data: Download Sheet

Products and applications

Applications: Curtains
Used product: M&M RIO
Alternative products: M&M A304, Tex Light