R&R can be used to make external cladding of facades, internal and external dividing walls, safety rails or safety barriers…
In this specific project the wire mesh R&R has been chosen from the need to create an envelope of light, that enables to screen any window, giving a real thermal insulation of the behind offices.
The building is well restored, with the application of wire cloth has refurbish its look and add value to the building in the sphere of energy saving.

Additional Information

Location: Pescara
Total material: 1000 mq
Installer: Impresa di Giampaolo
Download Technical Data: Download Sheet

Applications and Products

Applications: Sunscreen
Used Products: R&R 70×3
Alternative Products: Nemo, River

tele metalliche usate come frangisole
tele metalliche per frangisole / wire mesh for sunscreen
tele metalliche allo stadio adriatico di Pescara