The main applications of products dedicated to industry:




Filtri per applicazioni industriali / filters for industrial applications


Metal mesh filters can be produced in many shapes and in a wide range of fabrics to meet any customer specifications, filters are produced by punching, calendering and shredding of meshes

The most common applications are:

1) Chemical industry

2) Oil and Gas

3) Food and drink

4) Pharmaceuticals

5) Automotive

We can supply rolled metal fabric, panels or directly with shapes and in accordance with customer’s design.
Magnetic filters, carpet filters, irrigation, agriculture, painting, taps, are just some of the industrial application fields of a metal metallic fabric.


Industry sectors such as oil, gas, and energy see the use of special filters with different and personalized features.

Careful evaluation of the project, process requirements, real application needs, can not limit the supply to a standard product, for this TTM Rossi, a direct manufacturer of metal mesh satisfies every customer.

Metal filters find their use in recycling facilities, radiant units, filters for the petrochemical industry, artesian wells, oil & gas industry.




The automotive industry always looking for reliable partners can find in TTM Rossi a company that can produce metal mesh by guaranteeing the Made in Italy quality, tailoring its production to specific customer needs.

Types of metal mesh in the automotive industry can be used to create fuel filters, oil filters, smoke filters, diesel filters, fuel filters, earthmoving filters, industrial filters.

Wire mesh used both in air, oil and fuel intake, as well as exhaust intake.


The wide range of metal mesh produced by TTM Rossi guarantees different technical characteristics according to the final use and / or the subsequent work to be taken in order to create products suitable for personal or environmental protection.

Our wire mesh are used for the production of roller shutters, safety boots, filters for smoke detectors ….


Metal Mesh are used in the production of water mixers, fan filters, dishwasher filters for coffee pots, filters for booths, colons, water inlet filters.

These filters guarantee the end user to have a healthier and cleaner product from the impurities that we are each day undergoing environmental pollution.


Aluminum mesh to ensure proper ventilation of the roof, also preventing insects from settling and nesting under the cover causing infiltration and / or infestation problems.

Ideal for the creation of undercools, parainies, to protect roof cracks from intrusion.

Mosquito nets /zanzariere e tele metalliche per le ferramenta


We produce and sell all types of metal mesh that can be used to create their own stock so that they are always ready for the demands of end customers.

You will find galvanized square wire mesh, mosquito nets, brass, aluminum and stainless steel metal mesh.

All our wire mesh are available in rolls of 25 or 30 meters linear depending on the type.