• Plain woven cloth

    In the Plain Woven Cloth the warp and weft threads cross alternating one above and one below, forming 90 ° angles between them, guaranteeing the regularity of the fabric.
  • Dutch Twilled Weave

    Twilled dutch weave is a particularly robust mesh in relation to its fineness, which makes it ideally suited to heavy-duty filtration tasks
  • Plain Dutch Weave

    Plain dutch weaves offer increased mechanical strength for industrial filtration due to the warp wires interwoven with a wider pitch than the weft wires
  • Crossed Twilled Wire Mesh

    In the Crossed Twilled Wire Mesh the threads of the weft and the warp intercross two above and two below, obtaining a rigid, stable and robust type of fabric.
  • Crossed Weaved Wire Mesh

    The warp wire and the weft wire cross two above and two below and tend to form angles different from 90°. It allows the mesh opening to be reduced further, with the same diameter wire.