Led | Light Exhibition Design 2010

Light International Festival of Milan – Italy, II Edition

TTM Rossi light Milan with Golden Clouds: a very successful installation.

Christmas drawing on and the magic merry atmosphere of Lombard capital have decreed the big success of the second edition of LED, Light Exhibition Design of Milan that at Christmastime will light the metropolis with installations, staging, luminous works and design.

During the last two weeks, thousands of visitors have admired the installation "GOLDEN CLOUDS". More than two hundred clouds in golden wire mesh DUNE ORO TESSITURA TELE METALLICHE ROSSI OLIVIERO & C. light the old Via Dante with iridescent glares, involved people in a fascinated itinerary of light and iridescent tints.

The installation that, thanking to the use of wire mesh, unites creativity, innovation, energy saving, fireproof behavior and low environmental impact, is earning praise from Italian and international public and the project reached the first places of the competition "LED - Milan under the light" in

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We remind you that the installation can be visited in Via Dante, Milan also during next weeks and at Christmastime, till 10th January 2011..

Location: Via Dante, Milan

Date: from 5 December 2010 to 10 January 2011