Sinuous wavy lines that, in their entirety, recall the waves of the sea and make harmonics and functional the parapets of the Swiss bank Raiffeisen in Mendrisio.

This special and relaxing effect has been achieved by the use of our R&R product, a metal mesh that can produce spectacular natural and artificial light effects with innovative optical effects and original transparency.

The R&R wire mesh, entirely made of stainless steel, consists of 4 rows of spaced apart ropes that form the warp of the mesh, while the wefts include fixed and constant distance rods.

The weave is rectangular and, thanks to this structure, gives great flexibility in the longitudinal direction, while in the transverse direction the rods give the metal mesh stiffness determining its width.

Raiffeisen Bank is undoubtedly a facade that can make this building stand out in the center of the Swiss city, making it unique and recognizable for its customers .

Additional Information

Location: Mendrisio – Switzerland
Download Technical Data: Download Sheet 

Application and Products

Application: Facade
Product Used: R&R
Usable Products: R&R 14×1 , Nemo 

  • details of metal mesh parapets
  • Parapetti ondulati realizzati con rete metallica / metal mesh parapets
  • facciata raiffeisen bank con tela metallica / Raiffeisen bank facade with wire mesh
  • La rete metallica in acciaio inox della tessitura tele metalliche Rossi
  • dettagli tessuto metallico in acciaio inox /details stainless steel wire mesh
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