The wire mesh Tex Light A304, studied in order to exalt spaces, creates an alternative visual atmosphere, stimulating and anti-conventional, with ethereal and decisive colours that give life to dreamy and elegant atmospheres.

With a light, you will have a great spectacular three-dimensional effect.


Standard: Stainless steel A304

Not Standard: Stainless steel A316 / Bronze

Rolls, Panels

Standard 1500 mm

Suggested applications

-Glass laminated

Fire behaviour

All our fabrics weaved entirely with metallic wires without surface finish are incombustible (Class A1), according to the Decision 96/603/CE of the European Commission.

For this class of materials it is not requested a Certificate.

Do you need metal mesh for industrial use?

  • tela metallica acciaio inox tex light / metal mesh stainless steel
  • tela metallica tex light acciaio inox / stainless steel metal mesh tissue fabric
  • trama della tela metallica tex light / trexture of metal mesh tex light