The wire mesh chosen from the Architect Zocchetti for the staircase in question is the R&R, a security and aesthetics product, an innovative idea to re-invent and create new atmospheres of design in public or private environment.
The mesh is rectangular with great lengthways flexibility , whereas transversally the rods give excellent rigidity because are placed laterally. Just for its strength and the ability to create large panels using a single external frame was chosen the type R & R.
The same wire mesh can also be used for ventilated facade, partition wall, furnishing, sunscreen, roller…

Additional Information

Location: Rancate- Swiss
Quantity: 70 mq
Download Technical Data: Download Sheet

Application and Products

Application: Parapets
Product Used: R&R 70×3
Usable Products: Spiga , Nemo

  • wire mesh for parapets / tele metalliche per parapetti
  • tela metallica usata come parapetto / wire mesh used as parapet
  • la maglia metallica utilizzata come parapetto di una scala interna
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