The exclusive Metal Glaxy product is obtained thriugh the coupling of two plates of glass panels with metal mesh in the middle, sandwiched together with a plastic film to add stability and greater safety (if the glass breaks, it does not shatter because the fragments remain attached to the film).

In terms of appearance stratified glass is extremely elegant thanks to the greater thickness of the transparent material which highlights the depth and anonche wire tint of the laminated metal mesh.

Technical Data

Weight : 20 Kg/sqm

Standard Dimension : 1000×2000 mm

Maximum Dimension : To be agreed

Standard Thickness : 9 mm ca.


Metal Glaxy product can be used to realized:

  • Facades
  • Panels
  • Furnishing
  • Sunscreens
  • Floor


For a good cleaning , use a soft cloth and glass-specific products.

DO NOT use alkaline detergents or containing abrasives or solvents.
DO NOT use too hot or cold water and avoid high pressure steam for prolonged periods of time.


Metal Glaxy product can be used with these metal mesh:

  • Cangiante
  • Dune Oro
  • Fiamma
  • Juta
  • Liner
  • Lizard
  • M&M A304
  • M&M RIO
  • Mini River A304
  • Mini River BR
  • Punta Diamante AL
  • Punta Diamante BR
  • Tex Light A304
  • Tex Light BR

Do you need metal mesh for industrial use?

  • metal mesh laminated with glass
  • Lualdi porte - panels with wire mesh liminated in glass
  • TTM Rossi wire mesh for bulgari stand
  • metal mesh used for bulgari stand
  • tessuti metallici per facciate - metal mesh laminated
  • Metal mesh laminated in glass