Liner mesh, interrupted by few and decisive lines, draw chromatic variations through space and create natural and artificial plays of light.

Due to its characteristics of lightness and open surface, it’s an ideal product for glass lamination.


Standard: Stainless steel A304

Not Standard: Stainless steel A316 / Brass / Copper / Bronze / Colored Wire

Packing: Rolls, panels

Standard 1500 mm,
Maximum 2500 mm

Suggested Applications

– Glass Laminated
– Exhibit
– Panels
– Retail

Fire behaviour

All our fabrics weaved entirely with metallic wires without surface finish are incombustible (Class A1), according to the Decision 96/603/CE of the European Commission.

For this class of materials it is not requested a Certificate.

Do you need metal mesh for industrial use?

  • Dettaglio della tela metallica / Detail of metal mesh Liner
  • Tela metallica Liner in acciaio INOX / Liner metal mesh in stainless steel
  • tela metallica / metal mesh Liner
  • Tela metallica Liner in Ottone / Liner metal mesh in Brass
  • Dettaglio di tela metallica Liner in Ottone / Detail of Liner metal mesh in Brass
  • Tela metallica liner in Rame / Liner metal mesh in Copper