The union between metal and juta, one of oldest and natural yarns, creates a nice warm-cold effect and it’s a great example of Bio Architecture.

The irregularity of Juta woven with metal, confers natural simplicity, harmony and elegance in every atmosphere.


Standard: Stainless steel A304 + Juta

Not Standard: Brass + Juta / Copper + Juta

Rolls, Panels

Standard 1500 mm,
maximum 4000 mm

Suggested applications

– Ceiling
– Exhibit
– Panels
– Curtains

Do you need metal mesh for industrial use?

  • dettaglio tela metallica juta detail texture
  • tela metallica juta stropicciata metal mesh wrinckled
  • 3D effect of juta metal mesh crumpled effetto 3d tela metallica stropicciata
  • tela metallica juta con acciaio inox e juta metal mesh with juta and stainless steel
  • dettaglio della trama della tela metallica juta detail metal mesh texture

    dettaglio della trama della tela metallica juta

  • Tela metallica Juta metal mesh