Flexy Tr is a series of pre-formed spiral shaped metal threads plaited together or by means of studs.

Flexy Tr has a good transversal rigidity but great flexibility in the lengthways has a good direction. Is a particular “free” plaited structure, with a self-adaptation to curves or irregular surfaces, it can be accumulated coil on coil for use in layers.

This kind of wire mesh allows you to screen any window in any weather, giving a real thermal insulation of the façade, an effective resistance to wind and possible deterioration or lacerations caused by UV rays and smog.

The edges are spiral chained together.


Standard: Stainless steel A304

Not Standard: Stainless steel A316

Rolls, Panels

Maximum  4000 mm

Recommended Applications

– Panels
– Furnishing
– Exterior facades
– Parapets
– Sunscreen

Fire behaviour

All our fabrics weaved entirely with metallic wires without surface finish are incombustible (Class A1), according to the Decision 96/603/CE of the European Commission.

For this class of materials it is not requested a Certificate.

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