Filters and filters components are got from further working of wire mesh.

They are realized with a wide range of material and on your specific requests.

The Gallery’s pictures suggest – only for demonstration purposes – some of the possible creations with our products.


We can realize filtering elements with specific dimensions, according to your needs.


Stainless steel A304, Stainless steel A316, galvanized iron, special alloys, brass, bronze.

Do you need metal mesh for Architecture and Design?

  • TTM Rossi offre una vasta gamma di filtri con rete metallica per industria
  • filtri per l'industria realizzati in rete metallica
  • filtri per uso industriale prodotti dalla tessitura tele metalliche Rossi
  • Elementi filtranti realizzati con reti metalliche in acciaio inox
  • Tele metalliche per elementi filtranti / filter metal mesh
  • metal mesh for filter